About Miss Ria

My seductive teasing is merciless and I will manipulate you into performing any task I wish, I will use your greatest desires against you. I am interested in exploiting your fantasies for my own amusement and I will use any means necessary to get what I want. Though I am of elegant appearance, my physical strength allows me to administer punishment with a surprising force, I am well-spoken and my cruelty is often interjected with tenderness and soft words. When you are in my company, you are my plaything to do with as I please I am the master of mindfucks and you will forget what it ever meant to be free.

I am known for my psychological style of play. The majority of my submissives are highly intelligent and savour the humiliating experience of trying to adhere to my impossibly high standards for their behaviour. I am emotionally sadistic in my approach; I give praise and reward those who are well behaved and I belittle and punish those who are not. I enjoy setting challenges to push you deeper into submission and I experience a genuine pride if you are able to meet my expectations. There is nothing more rewarding than pleasing your Mistress.


“I was searching for a very long time for a Dominatrix who fits in my vision of a Dominant woman. When I found Miss Ria's website I just wanted to find out if she had the "beauty" inside as well.

I was very excited and a bit afraid as well... but what I experienced was something unique.

I was so in the present moment during the session no past no future... that every second of it is tattooed in my memory with all the small details.”

Slave M. M.