About Miss Ria Harpsichord

Your New Obsession

I am a professional Dominatrix who is available for private BDSM sessions in my North London playspace. I also meet for vanilla-ish dates in public such as trips to the theatre, dinner and subtle public domination that will excite and delight with little risk of exposure to vanilla onlookers. If you enjoy a more exposing experience, you can attend a fetish event with me and revel in the attention of being my personal submissive for the evening.


My style of BDSM play is about a connection between the Dominant and submissive and if your fantasy doesn’t turn me on, I won’t play with you. Luckily for you, this means that if your application is accepted you can be assured that I will have as much fun as you do. My sessions are an opportunity to let go of your ego, your baggage and your everyday persona. In my world you are a submissive, the Freudian id, My slave; and I will guide you through your curiosities and fantasies with expert precision.


I am a Dominatrix. This means that any meeting with me has an inherent Dominant/submissive power dynamic. I am the Dominant, you are the submissive. This applies in and out of the dungeon. I am not an actress who puts on PVC boots to perform in your scripted fantasy of what you think a D/s dynamic looks like. There are many service providers who specialise in a variety of different play scenarios and styles, if you are contacting ME, expect to play how I like to play. No two Dominants are the same and neither are any two submissives. Treat me as an individual and I will do the same for you and your desires.


I take a compassionate and respectful approach towards my submissives, you can trust that I will never put you in any real danger. I practice SSC (Safe, Sane, Consensual Kink) and RACK (Risk-Aware Consensual Kink) where appropriate and always allow time for a discussion of your limits before a session and use aftercare. I will never push your limits without consent, if you are looking for an extreme Mistress, look elsewhere. You may be a dirty pervert but you’re still a human being and I use my role responsibly in all types of play.


Since my teenage years, I had always been a bit of a sex nerd, reading, researching and watching anything and everything to learn about the darkest corners of human sexuality. My pursuit of sex education lead me to work in various high-end sex shops and after 4 years, I developed a taste for guiding members of the public into exploring their kinks. Having played with BDSM in my personal life, I was an expert in all things perverted and shared my knowledge with customers and friends alike. I enjoyed spreading the gospel of the bizarre. I moved to London with the motivation to absorb all the kinky nightlife I could and quickly understood that as a sexually Dominant woman, I am a rare breed. 


I started dominating professionally in 2016 as an anonymous and blurry faced mystery to protect my identity and my vanilla-ish job as sexpert. After developing my skills and being more deeply entrenched in the Femdom community, I am now a full time, out of the closet Domina. My reputation has grown and I am considered one of London’s elite young Dommes. I regularly attend Club Femdom as a house Dominant and am part of the official Club Pedestal slave training committee. I have had my likeness captured by the world renowned Femdom illustrator, Sardax on more than one occasion and his painting of me as part of his “Milking Machine” series was published internationally.

My Location

The dungeon I use in London is the Peacock Parlour, it’s where I am most comfortable and able to work my magic.

Custom furniture and toys available for us to use at The Peacock Parlour:

  • Under-bed cage

  • Small double bed with multiple attachment points

  • Kneeling bench that transforms to gynae inspection chair

  • Bondage massage table

  • Stocks in various sizes

  • Load bearing frame with 2 winches for suspension

  • Floggers, whips, canes, paddles, crops and tawses including some very unusual whips

  • An assortment of nipple clamps

  • Pinwheel and other steel sensation toys

  • Urethral sounds and stretcher

  • CBT toys

  • Wax play candles

  • Ropes (hempex, cotton and rubber) and chains

  • Handcuffs (leather and steel)

  • Suspension wrist and ankle cuffs

  • E-stim with various attachments

  • Modern violet wand

  • Gags (ball, spider, bit, inflatable) and blindfolds

  • Leather full face masks and face cage

  • Collars

  • Dog leash and water bowl

  • Vibrators inc Lelo wand and Doxy

  • Anal plugs and strap on dildos

If you wish to have a session with me in another dungeon within London to play with more specialised equipment that can be arranged but an additional fee on top of my tribute rate may be applied. I am available for outcall sessions in reputable hotels within the London area for an additional fee.


I regularly visit Bristol and take sessions in various dungeons or private apartments. For updates on when I am available in Bristol, subscribe to my blog and follow me on social media. You may also send an application to express an interest in seeing me in Bristol before I have posted my travel dates.


I tour the UK and occasionally Europe, subscribe to my blog and follow me on social media for updates on when I might be visiting your city. Alternatively you can cover the expenses of a trip to your city and have the privilege of choosing a date convenient to you.

BDSM Sessions & Vanilla-ish meets

Most people who contact me are interested in one-off or ongoing sessions that are held in the dungeon. These are scheduled appointments with me to be fully immersed in my world within the safe boundaries of consent and our time together. We play within your limits and once the appointment is over, you can go back to your vanilla life.

For some, the dungeon is an intimidating environment or perhaps  meeting with me on neutral ground is a good first step. Perhaps whips and chains don't excite you, but spending time with a beautiful dominant woman for dinner or a shopping trip sounds perfect. You can make an appointment for a vanilla-ish meeting with me (because, let's face it, it will never be completely vanilla with me). The levels of domination can be negotiated. Maybe I'll eat an indulgent 4-course meal while you make do with a glass of water and some bread.

What I do

Financial Domination

As a financial Dominatrix, I welcome any one-off tributes no matter how small or large. I pride myself on creating high quality photos and videos for you to fantasise over and My outfits, equipment and beauty regime don’t come cheap. If you have enjoyed my work over these last few years, you can show your support with good, old fashioned money. Whether you call yourself a moneyslave, paypig, sugardaddy or investor, it’s irrelevant to me. When I take your money, you give your power over to me in the most direct way. You will make a sacrifice for me so that I can expand my empire and it will fill your little heart with joy to know that I am putting it to good use.

Total power exchange & Ownership

I am well known for my lifestyle approach to domination, I welcome total devotion from my submissives and they can be treated to experiencing my very unique form of total power exchange. This is not just a fantasy, I love managing every aspect of my slave's lives. I expect you to commit to improving yourself as a submissive for me. Think of this as a finishing school for wayward boys, I will mould you into the perfect sub.


One of the most rewarding ways to play with me is as an owned submissive, this is something you can work towards through regular meetings and will only be offered to those who have consistently proven themselves to be loyal and trustworthy. If you are interested in pursuing ownership, mention this in your application. You can also support me and my lifestyle by buying from my wishlist or with giftcards from my favourite retailers.