The Art of Sardax - Forced bi

The slave who commissioned this beautiful drawing was courteous enough to ask about one of MY fantasies. I asked for a rendition of one of my favourite activities; forced (or let's be honest, 'coerced') bi with a pretty sub and a masculine, feral bull. In my experience as a dominant woman, I have also had the opportunity to live out this fantasy on a few occasions but now I can share it with other people through this artwork. There's always more room for slutty bisexual slaves in my world!

Sardax is the most prolific and well-known artist of Femdom illustrations in the UK. His translation and work in his version of the sadomasochist's bible 'Venus in Furs' by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch is a perfect addition to any BDSM enthusiast's collection and can be found here.