Testimonial - Double domme with vanilla girlfriend

As Slave R will be joining Sarah and me again tonight for Club Pedestal I thought I'd share the details of the first meeting of the 3 of us from his perspective.

Last month, I had the great pleasure of having a dinner date and play session with my wonderful Mistress, Miss Ria and her good friend Sarah. Sarah was interested in witnessing first hand Miss Ria with one of her submissive gents. And I was kindly allowed to be the person. Miss Ria asked that I arrange dinner at a lovely hotel restaurant near Russell Square for the 3 of us.  One of my submissive joys is the display of Miss Ria's control over me in public, not anything overt just natural control and this restaurant was perfect, not too busy but not too quiet.   I arrived nice and early and waited in the bar with a couple of G&Ts to chill and relax, whilst loving the wonderful nervous anticipation of what was to come. Miss Ria arrived in her "dress down" black jeans and t-shirt look.  I just love this look, she has no need to dress up (although I love it when she does, black boots and tights are my thing) as it is her natural authority and dominance to which I am attracted and love so much.  Sarah arrived soon after and again she looked stunning with her lovely long hair and hip London girl look and tattoos.  I was now in heaven.  I had bought both a small present and card as a thank you for allowing me the pleasure of their company for the evening. I think it is always a good idea to please the lady who will have a cane in her hand later.......and doesn't show mercy unless she wishes to. After, some more drinks, we headed into dinner, but not before Miss Ria's instruction to me to go to the toilet and put on my tights and nipple clips It was just awesome to see Sarah's face beam when she saw a 50 year old, senior executive, suited and booted London type, get told by a young beautiful Miss to go and dress appropriately for dinner. We settled at the table and got some interesting "stares" along the lines of how do those 3 work ? Family, work, not sure. Dinner was fun as it was lovely to chat and talk to Miss Ria and Sarah, and explain to her what I love about being submissive, my "love" for Miss Ria's dominance and the luck I have in that my wife allows me this part of my life.   As always when we have dinner, Miss Ria, orders my food, starters ordered for me but she is very clear to say its really for her, fishcakes and no desert for me; and at this point the penny drops for the waitress, she just smiled knowingly...and went and told the other waitress.I was in heaven !!!! Dinner was lovely, but by this time my nipples were beginning to burn and burn, and I start to fidget some and say "Can I pls go to the toilet ?"  Miss Ria who knows my like a book, being I am going to take my clips off in the toilet for some relief says "No 10 minutes" and clocks the time "and if you ask in the next 10 mins, I'll add 5 mins"   Sarah beamed and beamed in admiration. I just said " Thank you, Miss" and tried to stop moving as much. Thankfully, Miss Ria was kind and let me go at 12 mins....."but put them back on!!!" which I dutifully did with a large "ouucchhh". Back at the table, it was at this point, I read out my bad behaviours list from my wife.  Miss Ria was happy that there was a lot of "good" badness for my later punishments and also my lovely wife had given me some of her underwear for appropriate use. As time was passing way to fast for my liking, we headed to the wonderful Peacock Parlour.  We hopped in a cab, the two ladies facing forward and me backwards which I hate. And Miss Ria, immediately put her booted feet on my knees/lap. Well, I can only do one thing and give both a kiss :-) At PP, I de-clothe to just my tights and clips, and kneel at Miss Ria's and Sarah feet.  I really can't think of a better feeling than the power exchange that comes from this, I am in heaven.  I am soon doing press ups and planks for no other reason than Miss Ria, wants me to !!!   I keep looking at Sarah and loving her happy look and interest in what is happening.  Miss Ria asks if I want to kiss Sarah's feet, Is the pope catholic ? of course I do; however, she is wearing trainers and socks; now normally this is the worst look in the world for a foot and leg man like me but on Sarah it is the most wonderful thing ever.  I just worship for all I am worth and then "would you like to kiss her actual feet?"   Yes please, pretty please, "You have to take her sock off with only your mouth......."  It was hard but I wasn't going to fail we such an awesome prize at the end and I didn't :-)  (Ok,Sarah gave me a little help, Thank you Sarah) Well all good things have to come to an end and so it was punishment time, I am cuffed and secured on the spanking bench. I have a love/hate relationship with that bench, I love being secured and totally powerless but hate the knowledge that the next 20 odd mins are going to seriously hurt !!!! but hey ho, that is the price of having a lovely wife that allows me this.  I have to be punished for my badness and return home with a will bruised and welted bottom. I am warmed up and then the proper canning starts.  Miss Ria uses a very simple 1 to 10 system, standard stokes are a 5 "that hurts, ouch" for the bulk of the punishment, hard strokes 7 "arraagghhh!!!!!" When, well, when she feels like and 9 is "I am going to f**king die" Thankfully, almost never. At the time, I hate it and politely ask for Miss to stop, however, I have learnt that my pleadings, wimping and my good old puppy dog face don't work as Miss Ria is doing this for my wife and she would not want to disappoint her and I have to say thank you after ever stroke to my wonderful wife. Thankfully, most of my punishment is 5 ish, hopefully because of my exemplary behaviour and obvious devotion to Miss Ria in front of Sarah. I am pretty sure it wasn't planned but Miss Ria asked Sarah if she want to try and try she did.  Well, it is awesome that in the middle of our session, my caning turned into a training session.  I was happy to oblige and Sarah got, I think, give her first canning with me going 4,6,3,SEVEN,3,SEVEN,4,SEVEN,5,Yes you have hit the magic number. In summary, it was an awesome evening and one that will never be forgotten. I was so pleasing that Miss Ria and Sarah had a great time too. And I can't wait till we do it all again if both would like to.