Testimonial Slave C. P.

Session Testimonial

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Miss Ria for sessions for a few years now…she’s one of a few Dommes that I’ve had repeat sessions with, serving her is really enjoyable.

Miss Ria set the tone from her response to my application; she is as to the point, clear and communicative of her expectations by email as she is in session. I fall quickly and easily into my place whenever I serve her, and she holds her Dominant position rather naturally.

In sessions, Miss Ria has been intent on finding out why my interests make me tick; which of her interests make me tick (and why); and, find out whatever she can to use to her advantage in making our time enjoyable for us both. Sometimes she’ll incorporate new things, others we’ll continue where we left off from, but every session has always been interesting and there’s a thread that links them all.

Miss Ria takes joy from indulging in her pleasures and using me for her purposes, and I’ve found Miss Ria to be a very genuine person; the picture I drew of her from her site and social media streams turned out to be very close to the person I met.

Finance Testimonial

Providing financial service to Miss Ria has been quite a unique experience. I started by buying gifts and sending cash occasionally, and after a while Miss Ria looked at my budget and spending habits and set a regular tribute from me, along with the occasional gift. It’s the latter which has proved most exciting; recently, after seeing on Miss Ria’s twitter that she was going out, I wished her a pleasant time, and received a response saying she wanted me to pay the bill. I spent the rest of the evening keeping an eye on my phone, and eventually received a picture of the bill.

Process of being placed under consideration

Having served Miss Ria on a number of occasions and having the pleasure of spending social time with her, I found myself more and more interested in serving her on a more permanent basis. When I broached the subject during conversation, Miss Ria was receptive to the idea, and since then we have moved onto me being placed under consideration.

Before we got to this point, Miss Ria has had a number of conversations with me about what it is I’m looking for; what I’m interested in, curious about, reluctant to happen. We then had a conversation about what she is looking for, and what purpose(s) I can fill. It’s quite early, but it’s been a really open and detailed lead up, and I know that the next few months will continue to be as Miss Ria has been keen to make me aware that I’m expected to communicate about how I find things.