Testimonial - Slave M. M.

I was searching for a very long time for a Dominatrix who fits in my vision of a Dominant woman. When I found her website I just wanted to find out if she had the "beauty" inside as well. After a few emails I booked a session, the date of the meeting was just before my birthday which made it more special.

I thought “I'm gonna be a good boy and I will arrive earlier”... She wasn’t happy about that. First lesson, Arrive exactly on time... not earlier, not later.

This was the second time I had a session with a Domme after exactly 10 years. I was very excited and a bit afraid as well... but what I experienced was something unique. I was so in the present moment during the session no past no future... that every second of it is tattooed in my memory with all the small details.

I enjoyed every second of the session and my absolute favourite parts was where I was kneeling in front of Her and She was having her hands on my head and talking to me at close range.

Days after our session I realised how carefully She read my emails, containing my fetishes and desires, all this before we met. She is an absolute professional and takes Her job very seriously.