Testimonial - Slave R. Hotel session

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

After having a wonderful double session with my regular Slave R. I was reminded that he sent me a testimonial from our very first play session together. He has since been to see me for several dinner dates and dungeon sessions and become one of my favourite boys, it's interesting to see how hopeful he was that we would meet again!

Here is what he had to say about that first meeting.

Dear all, here is a short description of the wonderful session I had with the fantastic Miss Ria Harpsichord in May.  We had previously met for a dinner date a few week's prior which was a great way to first meet up. In that meeting Miss Ria and I had a great chat about lots of different things including our love of music etc.  In arranging our dinner date, I had told Miss Ria of my love of legs and black tights on me, so she told me I had to wear them under my suit.  I also brought my nipple clips which I was soon wearing too under my shirt. Miss Ria soon worked out I liked "mild" public humiliation (note to self, most arrange to go to a club night with Miss Ria) and had me remove them at the table by flicking them off, just as a waiter was walking past. Cue, strange look from waiter. Awesome.

A few weeks later Miss Ria and I met for a cruel play themed session in my hotel room. For your information, I prefer my Mistresses  to be dressed sort of smart casual and basically in what they feel comfortable in, but with one request black tights. Miss Ria was perfectly attired in black jeans and a black top but with the required  black tights underneath.  She was perfect for me.

I quickly showered and changed into my black tights too. Happy days !! Miss said she was, so not surprised I wasn't wearing anything else either. Me then thinks, this lady gets me already, hallelujah, this is going to be fun.

Soon I was worshipping and massaging Miss Ria's feet and gradually moving into a nice subspace, all calm and relaxed.  I had arrived talking ten to the dozen in nervous anticipation.

Miss then moved onto my other passion nipple punishment, pulling, twisting and generally hurting them. I was soon squealing away.  Miss Ria as a femdom expert in this wonderful field, also confirmed my pain limits with a good old score out of ten.  My tolerance is about 7 :-) this just confirmed to me that I was in a trusted and safe space and so could release myself  and relax even more. Thank you Miss Ria.

By now she had pinned me to the floor by kneeling on my arms.  I could just feel her power and in all honesty I couldn't get up. I weigh nearly 14 stone with some muscles, but no I couldn't move really. So very humiliating to be overpowered like that and a bit of a blow to my good old macho male ego. Anyhow , I soon got over it but unfortunately at some point I forgot myself and tried to lick Miss Ria between her legs on her jeans with my tongue.  Big mistake, I got a slap across the face and had another pair of tights used as a gag on me for the next 45 mins.....note to self don't touch anything unless given express permission by Miss Ria in future. 

And so cue more nipple punishment and then at some point my nipples began to lactate as a sticky fluid came out!!!. Well, one I never knew they could do that and two mine never had !!! It was both awesome and so very humiliating to her "milked" for Miss Ria. Miss continued her punishment but moved to using her fingers in my mouth for sucking and then to see if I could deep throat. Well another first and the answer was no I couldn't. Miss Ria was keen to point out that I just needed more practice with a real cock.  I do find fingers in my mouth a very dominate thing and loved it really. And yes I have cuckold fantasies:-) Did I say, I think Miss Ria gets me.....

By this time, it was getting late, our session hadn't started till 11, and I am usually in bed by 10 !! So I am sure sensing this, we moved back to foot massage and some good old kinky chat to wind down. Overall  it was a great play session and what I loved about it was we (or at least I did) had a great session with no equipment per se, just Miss Ria's wonderfully natural dominance, some black tights and my submissiveness. Heaven.

Lastly, we said our goodbyes and Miss Ria allowed me a lovely good bye hug too.  Personally, it never ceases to amaze me that as a submissive I feel very protective and "loving" to the mistress - actually just 3 - that have just punished me :-) I am a newbie really. In summary, Miss Ria is a fantastic  so very naturally dominate lady and I can't recommend her highly enough. I look forward to many more play sessions in the coming months, if Miss Ria will accommodate me. Here's hoping.